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Bachelor Party

The bachelor party is a long time tradition that most grooms look forward to experiencing with their groomsmen, closest friends and sometimes male family members. The event is often planned by the best man, groomsmen, brother of the groom or his best friend. The bachelor party event is symbolic for the groom's last day or night of freedom before he ties the knot. If you are planning a bachelor party, one of the first things you need to do is decide on what tone you want the event to have. Will it be a wild night of drinking or do you want to plan on a day doing something the groom really loves?

Some famous destinations for bachelor parties include Las Vegas, Atlantic City, the local exotic dance clubs, and sports bars. Some grooms may not be into club hopping or wild nightlife. Other grooms may prefer private parties with just their close friends. One popular idea for a bachelor party is to take adrenaline junkie grooms sky diving, bungee jumping or parasailing. Beach parties with barbecue, a keg and volleyball net may also be ideal.

Other bachelor party ideas include poker night extravaganzas, weekend golf retreats, a road trip to New Orleans, a camping and fishing weekend or a night out to a cigar club where all the party-goers can sip on fine scotch and smoke stogies. Whichever theme or location you choose for the bachelor party, it is important that it is one suitable to the groom's personality and preferences. It is also a good idea to send out invitations to everyone you wish to include in the event.