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Bachelor Party Invitations

You may not think about ordering invitations to send out for a bachelor party, but they are actually very important. For one thing, invitations make an event feel more organized, which allows the guests to feel like they are taking part in something special. Another reason invitations are important for a bachelor party is they provide your guests with all the information they need to know about the party. This prepares them for the event and lets them know what to expect.

There are several different types of bachelor parties. They can be simple gatherings at someone's house, a night or day out on the town or a fully organized weekend get-away. The invitations you send out tells those you invite what kind of bachelor party you are having. If you are having a house party, the guests may not need to bring extra cash. However, if you are planning a trip or a party at a golf course, bar or restaurant, your invitations can tell the guests estimated costs.

In addition to the informative aspect of bachelor party invitations, they can also be fun. Special Event Ticketing makes invitations for special parties. Our invitations look like event tickets, which is especially ideal for themed parties. You can order them in the favorite color of the groom and also receive matching envelopes at no extra charge.

Breaking the Mold

The bachelor party night belongs to the groom. It is his special get-a-away that represents the end of his single life. Give him something he will remember and cherish for a long time to come. These unique event ticket invitations make great little memorabilia treasures. The groom can keep one in his photo album. If you have any questions about our invitations, you can contact us by phone at (314)787-8107 or by e-mail at