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Birth Announcement

Each new baby brought into this world represents a unique and new individual life just beginning. The new baby has many adventures, experiences, parties, and plenty of laughter and joy ahead of him. The celebration of life is the most extraordinary of all occasions. When your baby is born, you should most definitely announce it to the world! Okay, maybe you cannot announce it to the entire world, but your family and friends are a good start.

The custom birth announcements you order should be just as extraordinary and unique as the new little baby you have brought into the world. Not only are specially designed birth announcements touching to those who receive them, but they are also precious keepsakes that your child will be so happy to have later on. You will want to select announcements that can easily be kept in a scrapbook, baby book or photo album.

Here at Special Event Ticketing, we specialize in making personalized invitations and announcements unlike any you have seen before. They look like event tickets for events like concerts, sporting events such as football, or the theatre. They are an ideal choice for pointing out the beautiful symbolism of a child's birth.

Personalizing a Custom Birth Announcement

To customize your birth announcements, you simply provide us with the text you wish to have printed on your ticket announcements. Then you select the color you would like for the tickets and envelopes. We will send you an email for your final approval before printing your order. If you are not happy with the proof, you can make as many changes as you like until you feel it is perfect. If you have any questions regarding football announcements or any other style, you can contact us by phone at (314)787-8107 or by e-mail at