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Wedding Shower Invitation

It is believed that the tradition of throwing a bridal shower can be attributed to Holland. As the story goes, there was a young village girl who fell madly in love with a miller. The miller was very poor, but he was admired throughout the village for his great and generous nature. Even though he had very little, he shared what he did have with other villagers he believed to be less fortunate. The young girl's father was very angry with the choice she made for a husband and he refused to give them any dowry. Word of this quickly spread through the village and the people all came together with the idea to shower gifts on the young couple to help them start their lives together.

The bridal shower tradition has changed over the years and is slightly different in various cultures. However, the main idea is that friends and family come together to offer gifts for the soon to be married couple. Bridal showers are usually hosted by a close friend of the bride. They can be only for the bride with her female friends and relatives as guests, or for both the bride and groom with no guest gender restrictions.

Sending out bridal shower invitations to the guests is also part of the tradition. The invitations let them know what kind of shower you are having (theme), if it is for only the bride or for the couple, when and where, how to RSVP, where the couple is registered, what ideas to give them as gifts and so on. The shower invitations basically inform the guests and let them know what to expect at the party.

Special Bridal Shower Invitations

When it comes to getting married, there are tons of traditions to consider. Even the most unconventional brides enjoy following some of the well-known rituals and traditions. When you are throwing a bridal shower for your friend, it can follow tradition, but it is important to cater it to her personality and what she likes. If your friend is fun, spontaneous and adventurous, consider avoiding lacy and princess-pretty shower invitations. Our unique event ticket style invitations may be perfect for the shower you are throwing. They are unique and sure to make your soon to be married friend smile. You can contact Special Event Ticketing at (314)787-8107 or by e-mail at if you have any questions.